Code of Ethics

When a client contacts this paranormal team for assistance, all personal information gathered by the team will be held in strict confidence and not released to any third party without the written consent of the client.

 We understand that some situations may have been traumatic for the client and therefore each client case will be handled with respect, compassion, dignity, and the strictest of confidence.

 We will not charge a fee for any paranormal investigative services except those services provided during public charitable or fundraising events.

 Our team will provide detailed information and explanations of our services and our findings to the client throughout the interview, investigation, and review process.

 Each client will receive a review session where information and evidence collected during the investigation will be presented and explained in detail to the client.

 We will provide all services in a timely, organized, and professional manner.

 In the event our team cannot properly serve the needs of the client; the team will fully explain the reason/s and offer the client a referral to a team that can better serve their needs.